Registered Massage Therapy (RMT)

Touch is one of the oldest and most important healing techniques.

Massage therapy works by bringing blood flow to the tissue, moving the cells in the fascia (connective tissue) and stimulating or calming the nervous system.  By using manual techniques, hand, finger, forearm or even elbow contact, your RMT will help to release restrictions, adhesions and other ‘ stuck’ elements to encourage muscle relaxation. The nervous system will also relax, so the maximum healing may occur.

Our RMT’s will assess you on your first visit and come up with a customized treatment approach that suits your specific needs. They take care to listen to your story ahead of time and encourage communication during the visit if you have any changes. 

Whether it be for sports injury, pain management or just relaxation, our skilled RMT’s are trained in advanced techniques that will help you feel better now.

Some of our specialized techniques include:

Deep Tissue Massage
Trigger Point Release
Pre-Natal Massage

30 minute RMT –      $75.00
60 minute RMT –    $110.00
90 minute RMT –    $155.00