Our non-scary sterilizer

In a typical day, many guests visit the Lillypad Spa. Naturally, you want to know that the chair you’re sitting in, the bed you’re lying on, and the equipment we’re using is clean and sterile. But using many sterilizers can be more harmful than not using them at all.

Our search began.

Micrylium is a Canadian company that has become a success story in the healthcare world, used by dental labs and hospitals around the world. It’s also found a place in hotels and institutions. And we’ve decided it’s the “gold standard” for our guests.

The founders of Micrylium recognized that most disinfectants used ingredients that were dangerous, toxic or carcinogenic. They were determined to find a solution that was safer for people and the environment.

“By examining, in great detail, the components that make up chemical disinfectants, we were able to successfully replace dangerous chemicals with kinder, safer, faster, more effective substances without compromising the overall result of the products,” they explain. “Safer vapour-suppressing agents, absolutely necessary for the reduction of the evaporation of ethanol, have made our solutions more effective and entirely safe.”

They work even better than the nasty stuff, killing germs and viruses on surface in less time!

Micrylium is non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-staining, non-irritating, non-carcinogenic, and biodegradable. It aligns perfectly with our commitment to your wellness and to being a “Green Spa”.