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What is a Green Spa

The Lillypad Spa in Thornbury is pleased to be a member of the Green Spa Network, a community that is committed to unifying personal wellness and planetary wellness.

Concerned about the toxic products many of us subject ourselves to on a daily basis, Liz Schleifer began working with organic skin care products years ago. When she learned about the Green Spa Network, it seemed a natural outgrowth of her commitment to responsible wellness, and she embarked on the journey to turn The Lillypad Spa into a Green Spa.

Traditional personal care and cleaning products collectively contain 70,000 industrial chemicals, many of which have unknown effects or can be outright harmful to people. But healthier, organic skin care and cleaning products are just the beginning.

Spas typically use an array of water-based treatments, laundry services, and disposable items.

And the products we use on our skin also go down the drain. Many of these ingredients in traditional cosmetics can persist and accumulate in the environment or threaten aquatic life.

In 2002, the founder of Rancho La Puerta, Deborah Szekely urged spa owners at the International Spa Association conference to become more involved in the environmental movement. A group of owners were inspired. By 2006, a group of leading spas were working to develop specific steps spas could take to become more healthy and sustainable.

The process of becoming a green spa is a long-term commitment and informs our decisions about the skincare products we provide, the sterilizers we use, even the materials used in the equipment we purchase.

“Spas have an opportunity, and many people say a responsibility, to effectively and seamlessly address both personal and global sustainability,” says Dr. Judy L. Singer is a leading spa management expert. “Eco-efforts are not about sacrificing or ‘doing without’ (not about dieting or deprivation) but rather making healthy choices that enhance the overall well-being of people and places.”