Skincare advice

How to use dry brushes to revitalize your skin and improve your health

Medium (sisal) dry brush 9-inchIn a high-tech world, it can be a surprise to learn the benefits of some very simple practices. Here’s an easy treatment you can give yourself that removes dead skin cells, stimulates circulation, helps your body eliminate toxins, reduces the appearance of cellulite and stimulates lymphatic drainage – which is essential for healthy breasts.

By dry brushing your skin for just a few minutes every day, you help your body eliminate toxins. Here’s why. Our skin doesn’t just hold everything in. It’s an organ that excretes a third of your body’s toxins. By unclogging your pores, you aid the process.

Use a natural bristle brush designed to exfoliate without rubbing you raw. We recommend natural sisal brushes, which are perfect for dry use, but do double duty for an invigorating massage in the bath or shower.

Let’s explore dry brushing.

1. Stand naked in the tub, shower or on a tiled surface. (You’ll be shedding some skin.)

2. Brush from your feet, working upward and brushing in long sweeping motions toward your heart.

3. Overlap to reach all areas, and repeat every area a few times.

4. At first, you might be bit senstive, so treat your more tender areas, such as your breasts, gently. You’ll soon get use to the sensation.

5. Shower off, and apply a natural skin treatment suited to your skin.

Some recommend two treatments a day, but once a day is a good start. When you see the results, you might just treat yourself more often.